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High Ticket Sales

Let's make something clear. High-ticket items are high-value and high-priced products or services that offer buyers a high value. More expensive items mean for you that you will need fewer sales in order to meet your financial goals. You are asking yourself now probably: What should I do? First of all, you have to find the right audience. The second thing is to make sales funnel strategy that works for you. That's mean you should give something free when you try to sell a service, or might want to consider asking customrs for a small deposit on a more expensive item wehen you sale high-ticket products. Simple as that!
High-ticket clients are the ones willing to give out more money for your services. You have to know that high-ticket sales rates are more targeted with more time and effort to grow the numbers of your high value clients. The biggest benefit of having high-ticket clients is that you get more revenue through fewer clients, and a much better profit margin than many low ticket sales. With high-ticket sales, you have also fewer clients to provide support to. So, you can focus more on clients paying more for your products and/or services.
High-ticket sales have more challenges, of course. Those are longer sales cycles, more objections, and more effort to make a sale's close. You should always think on fact that buyers who are looking at high-ticket items are looking to make an investment, and generally do not expect any free features and benefits. Remember, as long as your product is worthy of the cost, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed or guilty about the price tag. Act confident! High-ticket clients want to buy from companies that are deliberate and thoughtful.
So, focus on building your brand because big brands serving enterprise-level companies that aren’t after lower prices. Try to earn trust in the niche and appeal to high-paying audiences with your brand reputation. Pursuing high-ticket clients is not all about increasing prices. It is a way more than that! You need to provide real value to big clients – through proactive outreach and prioritization.
And moreover... learn from the best sale's gurus. The famous Dan Lok, a globally respected entrepreneur mentor, asked himself once "What if I add zero to my offer?". That has changed his life. He is following few simple rules from psychology:

  • If you are the best, no one expects you to be the cheapest. If you are the cheapest, no one would believe you are the best.
  • If you call someone, you are the salesperson. When they call you, you are the expert.
  • All prices resistance is in the mind of the seller, not the buyer.
  • High-ticket clients buy speed, transformation and certainty.

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Smart services and beyond

Instagram for Business

Generally spoken there are two groups of people on the Internet: one of them is most of the time in so-called "discovery mode", and the second one is actively looking for a specific product or service. Instagram is THE social network which can be used like a tool that can help you to get started and to improve your overall marketing strategy by placing the right message to the audience.
Your BUSINESS ACCOUNT on Instagram must have casual and short description about your business in the bio. It has to give to the users a quick insight into your company and more time to browse your content and check out your brand. Your profile picture must be recognizable, and there is an option to include HIGHLIGHTS as important part of whole story.
The most important things are ESTABLISHING YOUR BRAND and TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE. Most of all, those things have to be done even before you start with your new social adventure. Your brand should carry significant value and should be consistent. Knowing your target audience you can tailor your content towards them, and to determine which time zones to focus on to best engage your audience.
INSTAGRAM STORIES are on the other hand a great way to give better and more casual insights to your viewers, to build brand loyalty, and to foster interaction with them on a daily basis. Don't forget that stories are only up for 24 hours! The users can respond to your story and create a direct message, which is more private than commenting on a post.
POSTING. Yes, you definitely have to find the sweet spot for you, and continually adapt to what viewers are responding to. Beyond the photos, you will need to include captions that are very important part of the brand image. Captions include also HASHTAGS which are extremely helpful when it comes to the algorithm and getting your posts being seen. Stay current by looking at trending hashtags, and consider creating a unique hashtag that you use in all of your posts.
You have to RESPOND. Every time. It is best practice to keep your eye on post comments and respond back.
If you want to make the most out of your social media presence on Instagram do not hesitate to contact Hello Digital Solutions. Content. Content. Content. Thoughtfully curated into an all new visual experience. We would utilize also the Stories feature for you, make great Bio and Highlights.
Based on the article "6 Instagram Tips for Businesses" by Chloe Laursen, issuu blog.
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Advanced tools

WebEx Meeting Platform

Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars.
Webex is based on the state-of-the-art technologies, including award-winning reliable video. This platform offers also exceptional audio and content sharing, including from digital white boards. Their motto is: "One app for everything. And everyone". And this is complitely true because Webex offers a flexible and adaptable work space for any work style, role, or device so you can choose when, where, and how you work. When it comes to security matter you can rely on Cisco. This platform is secured by design, private by default, and with strong defend against threats no matter where you're working.
It is very important to say that Webex platform offers also an experience of communicating with immerse share, and possibility to organize virtual presentations. You can collaborate with anyone during the group meetings in order to create a more efficient workflow with team messaging and file sharing for both internal and external teams - all in the same space. An interesting option is also so-called Instant audience engagement for encouraging more active participation in meetings and events with easy interactive audience tools for polling and Q&A.
It is easy to host interactive webinars and events for virtual and in-person audiences.
Hello Digital Solutions freelance team uses Webex as primary solution for all of online meetings with clients all over the world.
Find more at Webex (Meet Anywhere Anytime).
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